"The experience of creating comic autobiographies was a major teachable moment for me. I think about how the art making, storytelling, and self-reflection of the activity opened up my participants in deep and profound ways. I think about how opening the session with the animated video of the comic Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore... Continue Reading →

Teacher as Student: My Comic Autobiography

I wanted to share in the experience of my participants by facing the fears of my artistic ability while at the same time enjoying the opportunity to play. I remember the first questionS I asked myself were: WHO AM I, TODAY? WHO HAVE I BEEN LATELY? WHAT IS MY STORY? All of these questions were... Continue Reading →

Notes on Your Black Friend…

When I first read YOUR BLACK FRIEND by Ben Passmore...I saw myself. The experience of the protagonist mirrored many of my own experiences navigating the worlds of whitenes and blackness. It named the particular nuances of walking the border between these two worlds. It also featured the interior monologue of a black person's perspective on... Continue Reading →

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