“The experience of creating comic autobiographies was a major teachable moment for me. I think about how the art making, storytelling, and self-reflection of the activity opened up my participants in deep and profound ways. I think about how opening the session with the animated video of the comic Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore may have contributed to the creators’ willingness to lay bare their interiors (to strangers) mediated by these quickly constructed but culturally and linguistically coded pictures. I think about how this experience as a precursor to reading critical comics by creators of color, might deepen the appreciation for their much longer form projects – comic books, graphic novels, anthologies, etc. I think about how we should draw more and talk less — and how drawing our introductions cut past the formalities and brought the group into a community of care and vulnerability. I think about how students in middle and high school might find the language of comics somewhat more accessible than the language of text books. I think about how visual narratives –whether they are comics, or photographs, or paintings — contribute to humanizing literacies, where what we see, feel, and think converge in a multi-modal experience.”


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