Teacher as Student: My Comic Autobiography

I wanted to share in the experience of my participants by facing the fears of my artistic ability while at the same time enjoying the opportunity to play. I remember the first questionS I asked myself were: WHO AM I, TODAY? WHO HAVE I BEEN LATELY? WHAT IS MY STORY? All of these questions were way too big for me to draw! Maybe it’s not our fear of drawing but our being intimidated by the enormity the stories we want to tell… I thought about what my typical day looked like and the image of me at my computer researching, reading, and writing came to mind. That’s where I started. I am a doc student who sits in a chair for hours at a time staring into a computer screen. I remember every line being a decision I had to make: Is my hair down or up in a bun? Is my face happy, content, or frustrated? What am I working on? How do I feel about what I am working on? I was curious about how the other participants were experiencing the act of making their comic. I would ask them to share this during the gallery share.


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