"Comics, for instance, are mirrors of reality, and spaces for the creation of new realities. ┬áBlack comics are a part of a larger tradition of black speculative arts that has roots in folklore, spirituality, and radical politics that predates the arrival of Africans on the shores of the Americas." Deirdre Hollman, Musings of an Afrofuturist... Continue Reading →

"Black speculative fiction, art, and comics full of rich vocabulary, visual, historical, and cultural literacies.  These works contain discourses on power, class, government, culture, language, race, gender, conflict and resolution, global unification, etc. " Deirdre Hollman, Musings of an Afrofuturist Educator: What Shall I Teach Them?

"Afrofuturism is creation.  It is design thinking. It is inquiry and engineering.  It is interdisciplinary by nature and politics. It engages multiple literacies and innovates new forms of expression." Deirdre Hollman, Musing of an Afrofuturist Educator: What Shall I Teach Them?

Promotional Flyer

This promotional flyer got a lot more traction via social media than the ad alone. I think that the description of the agenda and the facilitator's bio helped to introduce the concept and add credibility to the event as a professional development session for educators and teachers.

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